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Marlon Ray, M.Ed.

Director, Strategy & Logistics 

 Raised by his eldest brother, who substituted for a deceased mother and an absent father, Marlon knows all too well that less-than-ideal circumstances shall never predict ones outcomes.  Mr. Ray, a self-proclaimed country boy who values southern manners, has worked on opposite ends of the education spectrum:  employed many years within higher education in Europe, and later served as a parole officer nationally.  Also, he is the founder  of 11408inc: a small, tax-exempt, nonprofit that mentors male youth in the District of Columbia.


Mr. Ray's philosophy is to do "whatever it takes" to ensure students are prepared to succeed in tomorrow's competitive global economy.  " My most important task is to be a positive role model who will correct students with wisdom, facilitate solutions, to include, teach, coach and advise."  


When Mr. Ray grows up he aspires to become an international clandestine agent :-)


Kelley Jones, M.A

Teacher - Special Education 

In southeast D.C., she was born and raised.  On the playground is where she spent most of her days. Raised by her mother and father, who taught her to always strive to achieve her own personal excellence, Kelley was an honor student from Kindergarten through Graduate school. 


Kelley is the product of DCPS: Randle Highland Elementary, Kramer Middle, and Banneker Senior High.  She received a Bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University, in Rehabilitation Services, and a Master’s from Catholic University of America in Early Childhood/Special Education.  After 2 years as an educational aide, she was inspired to become a special education teacher, believing that she could make her biggest impact serving students with various disabilities.  

Kelley loves teaching students, especially those with disabilities and those who struggle to learn the typical way. It’s Kelley’s desire to see all children excel. She believes that "all children have the ability to learn. However, children learn in their own way. Its up to the teacher to tap into each child’s unique learning style and empower them to be rockstars!”

Kelley considers herself to be a big kid at heart. She can be seen joking and laughing with students inside and outside of the classroom. Kelley’s dream is to one day host a fun and educational show on PBSkids.

Diane Johnson, BA

Teacher - 3rd Grade

Ms. Johnson was born in the Bronx, New York to hard working parents native of Sierra Leone.  From the Bronx to growing up in Yonkers, NY, Ms. Johnson attended schools with limited supplies and underperforming students, but the dedication, hard work and high expectations of her parents and the teachers around her was what she always remembered that got her through. This enabled her to graduate high school with honors and, while attending college, she decided to become an educator.


Ms. Johnson believes that all children, no matter their background, are capable of greatness and that is the message she sends to her students everyday. Teaching at the elementary level not only allows Ms. Johnson to impact students as early as possible, but it allows her to continue to be the big kid she always is. Ms. Johnson loves to teach through songs, rhymes, games and jokes. When walking through the halls, you may hear her laughing or greeting others with a smile and a joke. Her big personality is what makes her a favorite to all the students she works with. Being the New Yorker and the football fan that she is, she leaves you with these words..."GO GIANTS!"



Jadyn Bradshaw

Asst. Strategy & Logistics /  Director, After School Programs

Strategic, multi-talented, passionate,  and with a dedication for the success of all students.  Mr. Bradshaw has worked in multiple school systems: New York Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, and now DC Public Schools.  He comes with a vast skill set of experience in education, including classroom instructional teacher,  school coordinator,  behavior specialist, dean of students, and performing arts teacher.  His purpose in life is to inspire, motivate, and help our future leaders.   Jadyn's vision is to reach the masses and motivate them to pursue all the education they can contain, and then share their thirst for knowledge with their peers, family members, and community.

Jaimee Trahan 

Assistant Principal (ELA)

Ms. Trahan spent time as a teacher and instructional coach for both Math and ELA. Currently she serves as the Assistant Principal of ELA.  She oversees the development, monitoring, and delivery of professional development at Orr. Also, her responsibilities include teacher evaluation and monitoring of staff goals and professional learning objectives. Lastly, she is adept at data driven decision making and cultivating school culture.


She completed the Aspiring Principals Program through New Leaders for New Schools. A key difference between New Leaders’ training and more traditional preparation programs is that all learning is grounded in real-world practice and oriented mastering leadership skills proven to advance student learning. While instructional leadership is the centerpiece of the curriculum, participants also master the adult, personal, cultural and operational leadership skills needed to build a strong school culture and lead their entire staff toward classroom excellence.


She’s held multiple teacher and leadership posts in education throughout her career, and has a deep commitment to the Teachers, staff, and students of Orr Elementary.​



Scott Fitzmeyer, M.A

Teacher - PreK 3

Mr. Fitzmeyer was born just outside DC in Silver Spring, MD. He grew up in Germantown, MD and graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. He has lived in the DC area his entire life (except for time living in England, South Korea, and Honduras). He has a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Trinity Washington University. He joined the Orr community in 2011 and has felt at home every since. Outside of work at Orr, he has worked as an adjunct faculty member leading education graduate classes at Trinity Washington. He also works as a summer mentor for new teachers via the Center for Inspired Teaching.


He believes that all children are capable of greatness and each student brings their own inherent strength to the class. He feels that working in early childhood education provides the opportunity to build strong social emotional, language, and cognitive skills that will be the key to success in later grades. If you visit his class, you will probably find them playing in centers, reading stories, or working on early writing or math skills. No matter what they’re doing though, it will be a joyful time! 



Lakia Kenan, M.A

Reading Specialist


Lakia Kenan truly believes that she was born a teacher. Growing up, she spent most of her free time playing school with her three sisters or teaching her youngest sister everything she was learning at school. She was raised in Washington, DC and is a product of DCPS. After graduating from Ballou Senior High School in 2002, she attended Hood College in Frederick, MD where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Early Childhood Education. She then went on to accept a position as a kindergarten teacher at Orr Elementary. After teaching for one year, she realized that she needed to learn more about teaching reading so she began a Master’s program at Trinity University where she earned a Masters of Teaching Reading in 2010.

The following year she continued to teach kindergarten. She then looped with her kindergarten class and spent the next three years teaching first grade at Orr. After receiving more specialized instruction in reading, she decided to embark on a new journey. She became the Reading Teacher. As the Reading Teacher, she provided students with individualized reading instruction. After attending a Reading Recovery teacher leader conference in 2013, she started a yearlong training to become a certified Reading Recovery teacher. Currently, she spends her days teaching Reading Recovery, guided reading, phonics instruction, coaching teachers, and facilitating grade level meetings.